Phone Gap


Phone Gap was introduced in 2008 by iPhoneDevCamp. It was made for iPhone apps only at first but as other operating systems started to grow, Phone Gap added more support. It now supports Android, Blackberry, Symbian, webOS, WP7, and Bada. Which includes a wide range of availability on smartphones, tablets and smart tvs.

Phone Gap was made to take out the process of writing more code to make your app available on a mobile device. All you need to write is your HTML, CSS and Javascript and then package that up into a zip file and Phone Gap will do the rest. Phone Gap did this to get back to building more web based apps.

The features supported depends on the device you are building for. The main operating systems like Android, iPhone 3GS and newer, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 7 + 8, everything is supported. Including things like Compass, the camera, media, network connections, notifications, and storage. Click here for the full chart of support.