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Working with Web Clients

A Beginners guide to working in the freelance web field

What is this all about?

What are web clients?

Web clients is a person, people, group, company, anybody that wants to have a website, does not have one, and can't or will not do it themselves. This can also include someone who wants to change or update an existing website.

what do they want from you?

A Website usally, and somtimes website adjecent products such as online stores, social media accounts. They will sometimes dive deeper and ask for an Brand or Identiy.


I have questions!

Do you want some? Put yourself out there. Go to networking events, follow people on social media. Make sure to have your portfolio ready!
What do you consider unreasonable? It's best to figure out a scope on the project ahead of time. If it's not in the scope, then you can tell them no. If not, make sure communication open an honest. You do not want to promise too much and then not deliver. Be honest about what you can and can't do.
This is a great chance to shine. Walk them through what kind of goals they want to accomplish, look at competitors websites, ask them to look for websites they like. With all this information, you should be able to design something they would like.
This can be debilating depending on how far along you are, but no matter what, this means you have to spend more time on thier project. Depending on the additional time required, you may need to charge for the additional time.